Scribblitti is one of the projects of the artist Hu-Be

Scribblitti is the temporary platform of an art show and performance

Scribblitti is an ephemeral, itinerant time based performance of interaction, human value and drawing.

It consists of a maximum of ten supersized artworks realized in the time span of a single month along a territory.

The Scribblitti do not find themselves in a single physical space such as a gallery, but are hosted by residents and citizens, collectivities and territories in their private and public spaces, creating a cluster of portraits in a city or wider land.

Hu-Be meets the candidates for the first time at an early breakfast in their house or space, interviewing them about their lives and memories while taking meticulous notes. The dialogue is ignited by coffee while they narrate of their childhoods, tell the stories of lost objects or of recent events. Everything is relevant. The landscape described in those vivid images becomes the draft of each site-specific Scribblitti.

The project naturally creates a circuit along which, on a day agreed by all the participants, the spaces are open for a unique opportunity for the public or friends to visit the whole cluster by  traveling through the different boroughs of the city. This ends the performance, luckily not the friendships : )