Hi, this is Hu-Be writing.

Scribblitti is the name of a nomad platform.

It started as a time based performance consisting of a maximum of twenty super sized drawings realized in a month by meeting and interviewing people each time in a new city.

Scribblittis are the final result of this relational art project hosted by residents in their public and private spaces. Along the interview, the person narrates memories, stories of lost objects or symbols, recent events or ephemeral landscapes that are traced in connection with the inhabited space on one or more interior walls.

When this project started it created a natural circuit along which on a day agreed by all participants, the spaces were open for a unique opportunity to visit the whole cluster by traveling through the different boroughs of the city.

It then developed the different aspects evolving the interviews, the relational oneness with the subject, the nomadism, the connection with the spaces and the territories allowing the depth of the possible narrations come forth.

Along the many travels and unique, brilliant souls met along the way, the practice of Scribblitti has been invited also as an effective tool to describe different, crucial social topics of our times. From the refugee crisis in Riga to the floods in central France to the historical earthquake of Sicily, the collaboration with institutions and private spaces is creating a body of work constantly evolving its meaning and depth.