Vulnerability Hiding In Plain Sight

vulnerability hiding in plain sight

while we all complain,

while we all efficiently hesitate

while we watch them suffer

while they die and we keep living

simple as that, both adrift, that's all that matters

vulnerability hiding in plain sight

useless sense of care and protection swept under the rug

turning complaint in all that matters

as a firm boiled egg, as if we really care

even about ourselves at all

This monumental wall has been made with the collaboration of the Institut Français de Lettonie and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for the Sculpture Quadriennal of Riga 2016 along four days during the capital city’s White Night, the
Baltā Nakts.

The video of the performance "Vulnerability Hiding In Plain Sight" was shot during the White Night of Riga, Latvia, on September 11th 2016 by Jānis Ābele & Toms Zarāns. A special thanks to the composers of the song, The Amp Rive for thir instrumental song "A Sort of Apology".